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The MARCHE for young people

Holidays and music and cultural fun

The Marche is often considered as a region with a high standard of life that many times goes hand in hand with tranquillity, but in fact even in this land there are attractions, events, festivals and cultural centres for young people. If the region has always been considered a tourist destination favoured by the elderly and families with children, for young people and also for groups of kids who want to spend a vacation in this land of rich culture and beautiful scenery, there is no lack of entertainment and concerts. From budget hotels to hostels, festivals and initiatives, particularly during the spring and summer are scattered throughout the territory and allow you to spend a holiday for all budgets.


Youth Hostels.
This type of accommodation is certainly a favourite and not only by young people, in fact, they are receptive structures with all amenities and open to all ages. For some years the hostels, increasingly equipped and in the tourism circuit in Le Marche, offer cost-effective solutions for families with a good quality/price ratio. The Marche region has a total of 33 hostels distributed among the province of Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino, Ascoli Piceno, Macerata and Fermo. All these structures are easy to reach, the rooms can be booked via the Internet and tourists are welcomed by a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Next to the hostel, there are also classic accommodations such as B&B and agritourism for those who want to spend a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation, immersed in the hills of The Marche and close to centres of great historical and artistic interest. Hiking, outdoor sports, itineraries to discover the cultural heritage and local products satisfy even the most demanding tourists who, thanks to a system of integrated services in the area, can easily find information and packages to suit their needs.


Informagiovani Marche.
They are municipal or provincial centres that offer free services of various kinds to young people. Visiting the Informagiovani Marche website,
tourism offerings linked to events can be found. These centres are very active in the area and provide valuable information support for young people residing in the region, who can also turn to these structures to better organize their free time, holidays, to engage in social activities and volunteer, or to complete their training and professional path.


Festivals and other events.
Le Marche is a region very lively in terms of cultural tourism as well as many important international festivals suitable for all ages and especially for young people.


From the North, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, known throughout Italy is the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema a Pesaro (Pesaro Film Festival), one of the most important Italian film festivals, with parallel events and film premieres. Always dedicated to the cinema is the Fano International Film Festival (PU), an event that since 1989, deals with film production in short and medium length.

Speaking of music, you can head to Fano Jazz By The Sea, long recognized as a leading national summer jazz event, annually hosting internationally significant artists, offering a glimpse of the many souls who now live together in harmony in the world of jazz, including references to African-American traditions and encounters with “other music”.

One of the best known abroad is undoubtedly the Summer Jamboree, one of the largest and most prestigious European festivals of culture and music dedicated entirely to America of the forties and fifties, which takes place every year in August in Senigallia (AN). This event, born in 2000, involves the entire town: shops, bars and in a rockabilly atmosphere for ten days and it is certainly fun. The festival has hosted world stars over the years with the calibre of Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson and James Burton.

Also in this seaside city, also rich in culture and history the CaterRaduno is held, a fixture that enlivens the month of June, during which Senigallia welcomes thousands of fans of the Caterpillar show on Radio Rai 2. An informative event, civil battles and biting humour for a week of concerts, shows, entertainment and live broadcasts from Piazza Roma and the velvet beach, which attracts every year a nation of fans from all over Italy.

Unique and with international resonance is Japan in love at Chiaravalle (AN), a festival dedicated entirely to Japanese culture that takes place every June: three days of manga workshops, Japanese language, ikebana, book presentations, meetings, the Japanese market, live graffiti, film screenings and concerts to promote the contemporary culture of the Rising Sun.

The passion for jazz music over the years has given rise to exceptional events in the Marche at a high level dedicated to this genre of music that has many admirers: Ancona Jazz Summer Festival for more than thirty years has offered every summer musicians of great importance in the international jazz scene with presences capable of representing different stylistic guidelines. The main concerts are held in the closed Teatro delle Muse, and others scattered in the most evocative open areas of the city.

For those who love tasting the Mediterranean and Balkan rhythms, you cannot miss the Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo [Adriatic Mediterranean Festival] which takes place in Ancona in August and involves intellectuals, musicians and actors at an international level that give live shows for all tastes.

Another event is the Festival Giovane Cultura Russa [Young Russian Culture Festival] in its fifth edition in 2011, is a cultural event that is part of the cooperation already established between Le Marche and Russia to learn about the extraordinary people and rich culture of this nation, thanks to the agreement that The Marche Region has signed with the Russian Culture Foundation. The Festival of young Russian talents held simultaneously in several cities from Loreto (AN), to Ancona, up to Recanati (MC).

In Fabriano (AN), a cultural event created and directed by Francesca Merloni is Poiesis, a multidisciplinary festival that presents every year a full calendar of cultural events, engaging international exponents of the arts: poetry, music, visual arts, cinema and theatre.

In the province of Ascoli Piceno, the Festival dell’Appennino [Festival of the Apennines] is of great importance, conceived as homage to the landscape and the mountains of the area, ideal for those who want to relax and enjoy exhibitions, excursions and events in nature.

Dedicated to music is Sant’Elpidio Jazz Festival, in the province of Fermo, which grew by hosting year after year, the biggest names in national and international jazz. With their performances, these artists have raised the view of jazz and the Jazz di Marca circuit, but also the image of The Marche, a land of excellent events.

Continuing to the south of the region, beyond the Sferisterio Opera Festival, the wonderful frame of the Sferisterio di Macerata, a magnificent and unique arena in its genre, annually hosts operas, concerts and theatre of the best productions.

Another event is always the Musicultura Festival, one of the most innovative Italian music festivals. The attention devoted to poetry and, more generally, the “word” has meant that a very large audience at the festival looks like a real container of culture, designed as an open confrontation between different expressive disciplines. The calibre of the event is then enhanced by the architectural magic of the location in which the final three nights of the competition take place.

Once again in the area of Macerata, the Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo nell'Arte [International Biennial of Humorism in Art] is characteristic, a traditional event with a satirical art and contemporary humour that takes place in odd years, between July and November. Since 1961, the event takes place in the city of Tolentino (MC), hundreds of artists from around the world in a fascinating comparison between different “schools” and artistic techniques.

Another very particular festival is Popsophia, an event of contemporary culture that embraces philosophy and the arts in general and takes place since last year in Civitanova Marche (MC), involving the whole city with multi-disciplinary initiatives.

Musicamdo Jazz is the jazz festival in the province of Macerata entered in The Marche Jazz Network, and supported by the University of Camerino and the Municipalities of Camerino, Castelraimondo, Macerata, Matelica, Pollenza, Recanati, Tolentino and Urbisaglia, highly striking regional cultural-historical places through which the Festival’s program of events run, non-stop jazz music in the month of July. Since 1991 in San Severino Blues the blues are celebrated moving in different cities of The Marche, with emerging and established Italian and international artists, in July and September.

For those who love the theatre, all over The Marche the theatrical demonstration TAU, Teatri Antichi Uniti [United Ancient Theatres] features works of literature, ancient Greek and Roman theatre productions, in fascinating places of archaeological interest in The Marche.

Concerts and discos
The Marche is a region in the plural in all respects, including with regard to the nightlife. There are many bars and discos that stay open until late, located along the coast, with chalets open from June to September. Especially active are those in the area of Porto Recanati, Porto San Giorgio, Civitanova Marche and San Benedetto del Tronto where you can dine and dance to various types of music. For those who love the night life there are many beach parties in Senigallia (AN), Pesaro and Fano (PU), where beach resorts that welcome thousands of tourists during the day, in the evening turn into true open-air discos with lots of beach bars and DJs, with dancing late into the night.

For the winter season, however, the fun moves inland to provide young people a wide range of concerts and evenings with live entertainment. All five provinces of The Marche and the larger cities are centres of great vitality, where, thanks to some facilities open all year, you can listen to international artists who perform in sports arenas or convention centres. Among these the best known are the PalaRossini of Ancona, the AdriaticArena of Pesaro (PU) with the famous ladybug structure, the indoor stadium of San Benedetto del Tronto offers many types of initiatives, while in Senigallia (AN) the first tour dates of national and international artists are hosted at the Teatro La Fenice.


Open all year are also many alternative clubs where you can also listen to bands from The Marche where hospitality is at home. Nightly entertainment, therefore, in The Marche, is not only made up of discos and concerts, but of a myriad of clubs and pubs that often host themed nights and aperitifs with wine tastings and typical products of the region. The Marche has a range of proposals for the amusement of young people ranging from live theatre, cabaret concerts right up to major festivals and events fully capable of meeting all requirements.


Useful information
For hostels and other accommodation facilities, it is advised to consult the “Accommodation” section of the www.turismo.marche.itwebsite. The accommodations are listed by province and information is easily accessible to all.


Informagiovani Marche
To know the active centres by province and territory with their headquarters and contact details just visit the website: www.pogas.marche.it, to the link “Giovane nelle Marche” [“Youth in The Marche”], which lists all the facilities and gives general information about activities.


For information on 14 IAT (Tourist Information) provincial centres, please visit the website: www.turismo.marche.it


Festivals in The Marche

Marche Jazz Network
E-mail: info@marchejazznetwork.it
Website: www.marchejazznetwork.it


TAU, Teatri Antichi Riuniti
Telephone: +39 071 2075 880
E-mail: info@amat.marche.it
Website: www.amat.marche.it


Adriatic Arena, has concerts and other initiatives all year round.
Pesaro (PU)
Telephone: +39 0721 400272
E-mail: info@adriaticaren.it
Website: www.adriaticarena.it


Teatro La Fenice di Senigallia, concerts and international tour dates
Telephone: +39 071 7930842
Website: www.comune.senigallia.it/senigallia/infocitta/teatro


Palasport Rossini, has concerts and other initiatives all year round.
Ancona (AN)
Telephone: +39 071 2901224
Website: www.comune.ancona.it


Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo
Associazione Adriatico Mediterraneo
Telephone: 071.8046325; Infoline: 366.9714362
E-mail: info@adriaticomediterraneo.eu
Website. www.adriticomediterraneo.eu


Palasport di San Benedetto del Tronto, a multifunctional structure that holds numerous initiatives, not only those inherent to sport.
Telephone: +39 0735 85790
E-mail: sport@comunesbt.it
Website: www.comunesbt.it


Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema (Pesaro Film Festival). Takes place every year between the end of June and middle of July.
Pesaro (PU)
Telephone: +39 06 4456643
E-mail: info(at)pesarofilmfest.it


Fano International Film Festival. Takes place in the second half of October.
Fano (PU)
Telephone: +39 0721 854372
E-mail: info@fanofilmfestival.it
Website: www.fanofilmfestival.it


Fano Jazz Festival. Celebrates jazz every year during the second half of July.
Telephone: +39 0721 820275
E-mail: info@fanojazz.org
Website: www.fanojazzfestival.org


Ancona Jazz Summer Festival. During the month of July.
Telephone: +39 327 6844 552 E-mail: info@anconajazz.com
Website: www.anconajazz.com


Summer Jamboree. Takes place almost every year in August.
Senigallia (AN)
Telephone: +39 (0)71 7929264
E-mail: help@summerjamboree.com
Website: www.summerjamboree.com


CaterRaduno. Takes place every year in June.
Senigallia (AN)
It is possible to find information about this event on the Municipality of Senigallia under “Infocittà – eventi”


Japan in love. Held in June.
Chiaravalle (AN),
Informagiovani Chiaravalle
Telephone: +39 071 9499295
E-mail: informagiovani(at)comune.chiaravalle.an.it


Poiesis. Multidisciplinary festival that takes place ever year during the last weekend of May.
Fabriano (AN)
Telephone: +39 0732 3455
E-mail: info@poesis-fabriano.it
Website: www.poiesis-fabriano.it


Festival dell’Appennino. Takes place in mountain villages in June.
Ascoli Piceno (AP)
Telephone: +39 366.6750186
E-mail: info@festivaldellappennino.it
Website: www.festivaldellappenino.it


Sant’Elpidio Jazz Festival
Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM)
Telephone: +39 0734 810008
E-mail: info@jazzdimarca.it ; info@santelpidiojazz.com
Website: www.jazzdimarca.it


Sferisterio Opera Festival. Takes place from mid-July to August.
Macerata (MC)
Telephone: +39 0733 230735
E-mail: info@sferisterio.it
Website: www.sferisterio.it


Musicultura festival. Takes place from the first week of August until the middle of the month.
Macerata (MC)
E-mail: musicultura@musicultura.it
Website: www.musicultura.it


Popsophia, festival of contemporary culture held in July and August, with events held all year.
Civitanova Marche (MC)
Telephone: +39 0733 812936
E-mail: info@popsophia.it
Website: www.popsophia.it


Biennale dell’Arte dell’Umorismo. Takes place during odd years between July and November.
Tolentino (MC)
Telephone: +39 0733.969797
E-mail: info@biennaleumorismo.org
Website: www.biennaleumorismo.org


Musicamdo Jazz. Takes place during the whole month of July between jazz and music.
Camerino (MC)
Telephone: +39 331 7985360
E-mail: info@musicamdo.it
Website: www.musicando.it


San Severino Blues. Takes place in summer until August and also includes a winter session in November.
San Severino (MC)
Telephone: +39 0733.638414
Website: www.sanseverinoblues.com


Marche Tourism
Via Gentile da Fabriano, 9 60125 Ancona, ITALY
Tel.+39 071 8062316-8062410 Fax +39 0718062318
e-mail: comunicazione.turismo@regione.marche.it
Web: www.turismo.marche.it
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marche.tourism
Twitter: @MarcheTourism
Issu: issuu.com/turismomarche
Flick: www.flickr.com/photos/turismomarche

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