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Medieval festivals and historical reenactments in The Marche


The Marche is a region rich in history made of domination, wars, great achievements and important sovereigns: historical reenactments, festivals and shows in typical costumes of ancient origin are the best means to remember the past and tradition, while affirming the heritage and knowledge stored in this land. Not to speak of folklore, much less of festivals, but to bring history to life, in the purest sense of the term, because these festivals are based on stories, facts and events that really happened.
It is not about folklore, nor feasts, but about bringing the story to life, in the purest sense of the term, because these parties are based on events, facts and rotations really happened.
In The Marche there are countless initiatives of this kind and there is the Associazione Marchigiana delle Rievocazioni Storiche [Association of Historic Reenactments in The Marche] which operates in the region and adheres to the National Federation of Historical Games and the European Union, to which it connects for the promotion of the most important initiatives. This association has unearthed the most important passages of the history of The Marche, through research of historical sources, the enhancement of local memory and making spectacles, the best means for promoting - at a tourist and cultural level - the excellence of the region by networking the small towns and cities involved in the project.

Province of Pesaro e Urbino

Alla corte dei Mamiani [At the court of the Mamiani]. It takes place the first weekend of August in Sant'Angelo in Lizzola (PU). It is a reenactment of the court of the Mamiani: a noble family originally from Parma, which was always linked to Borgo di S. Angelo.


Fano dei Cesari [Fano of the Caesars]. It takes place in the first half of August in Fano (PU). The great Roman celebration, involving thousands of paraders crossing the majestic Arch of Augustus with solemn steps, celebrates two thousand years of history with great staging and scenery.


*Palio dell‟Oca [Goose Palio]. It takes place in Cagli (PU) in the first half of August. The Game of the Goose is one of the most ancient and simple. This traditional city game recurs every year.


*Festa del Duca [Feast of the Duke]. It takes place in Urbino (PU), the third week of August. The “Festa del Duca” is celebrated in honour of the great Federico da Montefeltro, patron who made Urbino the cradle of the Renaissance era. The City prepares to savour the atmosphere of the Renaissance, which returns to animate, in August, the severe buildings, winding alleys and the charming squares. The entire historical centre finds itself back in the sounds and images of a past which actually is always present.


Torneo della Balestra “Le Rocche” [Crossbow Tournament “The Rocks”]. It is held in Cantiano (PU), the second half of August.
A large group of people in period costumes representing the Gabrielli family and nobles in tow, will march in the parade and will chair the Tournament.


AlchimiaAlchimie. It takes place in San Leo (PU), the fourth week of August. The beautiful and ancient Montefeltro returns to the place where converging events, parties, dances and dinners take place in the streets, inspired by history's most famous alchemist: the Count of Cagliostro.


*Palio della Rocca. [Traditional Fortress Festival]. It takes place in Serra Sant'Abbondio, every year, the weekend before 16 September and for the occasion Saint Abbondio, the patron saint of the city, is celebrated.


*Palio della Rana. [Traditional Frog Festival]. It is held annually in April in Fermignano (PU) to commemorate the liberation of the city from Urbino.


* Caccia al cinghiale [Wild boar hunting]. It takes place August 13 to 15 in Mondavio (PU). The festival commemorates the arrival of Giovanni della Rovere Mondavio and Dignitaries of the Duchy of Urbino.


*Palio dei Conti Oliva [Traditional Conti Oliva Counts‟ Festival]. Each year in Piandimeleto (PU), the last weekend of July, the ritual re-enactment of the noble family Oliva (fourteenth-fifteenth centuries AD) who used to celebrate the glorious knights returning from valiant battles with sumptuous banquets, performances and skill competitions between archers.


Province of Ancona


*Contesa dello stivale [Feud of the boot]. It takes place in August in the village of Filottrano (AN). Each year the first Sunday of August the traditional dispute between neighbourhoods, with a race to compete for the boot, is celebrated.


*Medieval Feasts. It takes place in August in the village of Offagna (AN). Songs, dances and typical medieval dishes to celebrate this historical period.


*Palio di San Giovanni Battista [Saint John the Baptist‟s Traditional Festival]. It is held annually in mid-June in the town of Fabriano (AN), to celebrate the anniversary with festivities and dances of Saint John the Baptist.


*Palio di San Floriano. A historic race which takes place in Jesi (AN), the first Sunday in May to celebrate the patron saint of the city.
Province of Fermo


*Days of Azzolino. It takes place in August in Grottazzolina (FM). It is a reenactment of the year 1200 in the ancient castle of the Este, centred on the figure of Azzo VII. A week of events, dinners, shows, ancient craft shops, tournaments and medieval joust with mace.


* La cavalcata dell‟Assunta. [The cavalcade of the Assumption]. It is celebrated every year on 15 August in Fermo (FM). It is a ride along the sea and the districts of the city.
La Contesa de la 'Nzegna. [The „Nzegna‟s Contest]It takes place in Falerone (FM), in the first half of August.


*Contesa del Secchio. [The Bucket Competition]. It takes place in Sant‟Elpidio A Mare (FM) in mid-August. It evokes a custom of 1400 - called the “jocu de lu Pozzu” - which established an order of priority for access to the pit in front of Palazzo dei Priori.


*Armata di Pentecoste “Sciò la Pica” ["Sciò la Pica” Army of Pentecost ]. The festival which is held on the day of Pentecost in Monterubbiano (FM), is the perpetuation of the ritual of transmigration, made by the votes of the gods of a Sabine population that came from the valley of Rieti to settle in the Piceno led by the flight of a woodpecker.

*Torneo Cavalleresco Castel Clementino [Chivalry Tournament Castel Clementino]. It is held in Servigliano (FM), in the second half of August and is a historical reenactment of an event that took place in 1450, when the Abbot of Farfa gave the Plains of San Gualtiero to the community of Servigliano.


Province of Macerata


Festa medievale [Medieval festival]. It takes place on 1 August in Sarnano (MC), and it is a real historical reenactment.


Palio delle Guaite [Guaite‟s Tournament]. It takes place on 1 August in Ussita (MC). During the tournament, team games and champions of archery are made.


*Disfida del bracciale [Challenge of the bracelet]. It is held the first Sunday of August in Treia (MC). The players, wearing the colours of the city districts, carry the classic wooden sleeve looking for a sprint that the fast and heavy leather ball makes very difficult.


La Giostra de le Castella [The Joust of the Castella]. It takes place in August in Caldarola (MC). The event includes the delivery of the sconce from the Magistrate to the local clergy. The ancient tradition is also named in the municipal Statutes.


*Palio di San Ginesio [San Ginesio Tournament]. It takes place in San Ginesio (MC) in mid-August. The description of the event was already found in a source from 1258. Historical procession in period costume and display of flag bearers.


* Palio dei Castelli. Corsa delle Torri [Race of the Towers]. After an initial three-year phase, now the Palio dei Castelli is held annually, with the new race called Corsa delle Torri in San Severino Marche (MC). It takes place on 8 June, the feast of the bishop and patron Saint Severino.


*Corsa della Spada [Race of the Sword]. It takes place in the second half of May in Camerino (MC) and is a reenactment of the ancient tradition of the feast of the patron Saint Venancio and recalls the era of the glories of the lordship of Camerino.


*Cingoli 1848. It takes place in the month of August in Cingoli (MC) and is a historical commemoration of a ball game played in teams by citizens.


*Contesa della Margutta [Margutta‟s Contest]. A horse race in perfect fifteenth-century style that takes place in Corridonia (MC) during the first Sunday in September.


*Mogliano 1744. An original event held annually on the anniversary of the patron of Saint John the Baptist, and recalling the glories of eighteenth century Mogliano.


*Palio dei Terzieri [A terziere is a subdivision of several towns in Italy.The word derives from terzo, meaning "third", and is thus used only for towns divided into three neighborhoods]. The Palio dei Terzieri takes place in Montecassiano (MC), from the third to the fourth Sunday of July. It is a reenactment that takes its name from the name of the districts into which Montecassiano was divided during the Middle Ages.


*Tolentino 815. The ancient castle of the Rancia and the old town of Tolentino (MC) are the scenery of events that recall the Battle of Tolentino fought between 2 and 3 May 1815. In the period between late April and early May battles, encampments, and military events of the Napoleonic era take place.
Province of Ascoli Piceno


*Acquaviva nei carretti [Acquaviva in carts]. It takes place in Acquaviva Picena (AP), in late August. One of the most exhilarating and characteristic rides of Italy.


*Giostra della Quintana [Tournament of the Quintana]. It takes place in Ascoli Piceno (AP), the first week of August, among the beauty of the ladies and glittering armour, the blazing colours of the flags and the clatter of thoroughbred horses.


*Sponsalia. It is held the first week of August in Acquaviva Picena (AP). Sponsalia is the reenactment of the marriage between Forasteria degli Acquaviva and Rainaldo di Brunforte which occurred in 1234.


Templaria. It takes place in Castignano (AP), in the second half of August. The thirteenth-century village of Castignano relives the mystery and legend of the Knights Templar, with theatre, ladies and gentlemen, old artisanal shops, and traditional tavernas.


Processione delle Canestrelle. It takes place in Amandola (FM), in the third week of August. It is a procession in nineteenth century peasant dresses.


* Events marked with a * are part of the dell‟Associazione Marchigiana Rievocazioni Storiche.

For contacts and information:

Associazione Marchigiana Rievocazioni Storiche
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E-mail: info@rievocazionimarche.it
Website: www.rievocazionistoriche.it


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