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The sea

From the long and sandy beaches to the cliffs overlooking the sea

The Marche offers 180 kilometres of coastline, 26 beach resorts which face the Adriatic sea defined by beautiful beaches, picturesque bays, 9 tourist ports and 16 Blue Flag beaches which certify the quality of the water and services. The varied landscape allows those who decide to take a vacation by the sea not only to choose between different types of beaches but also to visit the natural beauty of the inland offering numerous itineraries in the High Country or city centres to discover the rich historical and cultural heritage. The beach resorts offer services devised to satisfy the needs both of families and the younger generation preserving, however, a very human dimension. Devised respecting the territory, in harmony with the same, they are the perfect destination to take a relaxing vacation

Gabicce Mare

San Benedetto del Tronto

The coastal landscape of The Marche, incredibly varied in shapes and colours, offer a trip full of emotions, from long very fine sandy beaches and small rocky creeks, with rocks and palm trees, up to the white cliffs overlooking the azure of the Adriatic Sea which seems framed between an intense green colour of the close by countrysides and the ochre of the very long strands.


The Northern coast, the so-called “Riviera delle Colline”, is characterised by cliffs, coves and inlets that give life to a landscape with a high visual impact. The beaches are soft and white, in particular the long one in Gabicce Mare. From here starts an enchanting journey lined with picturesque views and breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Regional Park of Monte San Bartolo, which winds for approximately 20 km, until reaching other enchanting beaches, such as Pesaro and picturesque fishing villages, such as Casteldimezzo, Fiorenzuola di Focara and Santa Marina Alta.


Continuing towards the south, we reach the anconitan coast where we find Senigallia, a city of ancient origins and famous for its velvety beaches: 12 km of white fine sand, an ideal destination for beach holidays, also thanks to the many accommodation facilities, the well equipped beach resorts and renowned restaurants. Continuing onwards we arrive at Ancona, city with strong maritime traditions, located in one of the most beautiful stretches of the Adriatic coast, the Riviera del Conero,which is located in the regional park of the same name, with its succession of bays, steep cliffs and secluded beaches. A must see is the Due Sorelle (Two Sisters) beach, named for two great majestic rocks that rise from the waters. The peculiar geographic location of the territory also allows bearing witness to a unique and incredible sight: it is possible to watch both sunrise and sunset in the Sea. The grassy cliff of Monte Conero, which is reflected on the sea offers a spectacle of rare beauty, even interrupting the trend of the coast with a nice stretch of beach of fine gravel, rocks and steep cliffs that plunge into the sea.


Afterwards we reach the coast of Macerata with Porto Recanati, better known as the “living room of the Riviera” , a modern beach location where efficient and modern accommodation facilities co-exist with striking and picturesque niches from the old maritime village arose approximately around the Castello Svevo of the fifteenth century, with a long stretch of sand and gravel with a length of about 8 km. You immediately reach Civitanova Marche, with a long sandy beach to the North, rocky to the South, divided by the fishing harbour and the marina. The coastal city offers the chance to practice different sports, to go to trendy places and enjoy shopping in the many outlets in the area of prestigious brands of Made in Italy.


Enchanting is Porto Sant’Elpidio, an antique maritime village which has become an equipped beach resort, where the so called “Verde Riviera Picena” starts, made up of sandy and gravel beaches and a crystal clear sea, surrounded by green hills. This Riviera still boasts authentic maritime villages and beach resorts such as Porto San Giorgio and Lido di Fermo all the way up to Pedaso.


Continuing further south we arrive at the last part of the Marche coast, at the renowned “Riviera delle Palme”, between Cupra Marittima, Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto. Known for the largeness of the beaches, the green palms, (approx. 7,000) and the old medieval villages which are still inhabited to date, real balconies on the sea, it is a preferred destination for tourists travelling with family thanks to the beauty of pine wood, the soft sand , the tranquillity of the environment. From here onwards you shall encounter a typically Mediterranean landscape: evergreen shrubs, palms, bougainvillea and oleander, the expression of a lush, full of exotic essences and overseas scents. A bicycle path takes you to Grottammare, the Pearl, known as the city of oranges, with its 5 km of fine and sandy beach.


The length of the beach is one of the main attractions of San Benedetto del Tronto, renowned beach location surrounded by the relaxing green colour of the countless palm trees. The Queen of the sea, the history is well documented in many museums throughout the city, one of them being the Civil Maritime Museum. Many stretches of sand also characterise Porto d’Ascoli, extreme southern limit of the region.


It is possible to practice various sports at the seaside resorts within the region: windsurf, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, kiteboarding, swimming and beach volley. Moreover, the sea is populated by a dense and varied fish wildlife, it is the ideal place to go scuba diving, with the support of qualified professional scuba diving schools and several diving present along the entire coast and equipped with recharging stations able to guarantee quality material and assistance for any level of immersion.


The Marche has over 16 blue flags, the symbol of a healthy and sustainable tourism, and the result of careful environmental policy. There are in fact modern sewage treatment plants, waste sorting of municipal waste, the organization of environmental initiatives such as limited traffic, large pedestrian areas, bicycle paths, environmental education for young people, care for urban furnishings.


Along the 180 kilometres of the coast it is possible to dock in 9 tourist ports, spread out over the entire regional territory. In the province of Pesaro and Urbino the ports are located in Gabicce Mare, Pesaro and Fano, in the province of Ancona in Senigallia, Ancona and Numana, in the province of Macerata in Civitanova Marche, in the province of Fermo in Porto San Giorgio, the best equipped tourist port of the Adriatic Sea in Italy, with 900 moorings, and, lastly, in the province of Ascoli Piceno in San Benedetto del Tronto. The overall capacity is for approximately 5,000 berths.

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