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The Marche and wellness

Spas and wellness centres for complete relaxation

The Marche is a region you can deeply feel through all your senses: this is the main idea behind this land, a treasure that has mesmerized even Dustin Hoffman. Listen, taste, see and touch this land and you'll be soon trapped by its art, music, food and wine, landscapes, and creative products: The Marche, an unparalleled destination for all and many different tourisms. The tourist image of this region of central Italy rich in history, culture and nature is of great quality and gives the perception that in this land we live very well, not coincidentally one of the highest rates of life expectancy in Europe. The Marche is therefore one of the five earthly paradises in which to live or at least spend one's holidays all year.


There are endless paths to explore this mysterious land of natural parks, museums, medieval routes, and tasting itineraries combined with tranquillity and relaxation. In addition, The Marche offers numerous opportunities to enjoy fully freedom while focusing on your own well-being. The region is rich in health and wellness centres, spas and retreats in eastern disciplines to attain your physical and spiritual balance, to spend a holiday of peace and serenity, regenerating your body and spirit.


The spas
There are numerous spas located throughout the region, which have water as their main element and purifying instrument, with properties to suit all tastes,
Spas offer all sorts of innovative and diverse treatments. Moreover, their quiet and intimate spaces constitute the ideal setting to escape our hectic lifestyles.
Starting from the north, particularly rich in spas is the province of Pesaro-Urbino. Four of them are recognized, certified and active from spring until winter. Among these, the Terme di Raffaello in Petriano (PU), immersed in the green and pristine hills of Montefeltro near Urbino, where wealth is combined with art and nature.

This spa is widely known for its sulphurous-bicarbonate-saline-alkaline-earthy waters, featuring a high concentration of minerals that makes them unique worldwide. Whirlpools, swimming pools at different temperatures, and water games allow you to cool-down and re-energize thanks to the physical properties of these thermal waters which are considered extremely effective against stress.


In the Pesaro-Urbino area, the Terme di Carignano in Fano and the Pitinum Thermae in Macerata Feltria, immersed in the green, offer their naturally healing waters. The Terme di Carignano, in particular, provides the customary spa treatments including seaweed-based ones, as the facility is located a few kilometres from the sea. The sulphurous waters of the Pitinum Thermae however, are useful in resolving a variety of diseases . There, you can enjoy various types of spa treatments including inhalation, mud bath, hydropinic, and dermatological therapies for rhinogenous deafness, peripheral vascular issues, and gynaecological care.


The Terme di Montegrimano, located in the homonymous town of the province of Pesaro-Urbino, preserves numerous remnants of Roman times. In particular, collection tanks and other building structures, used in the past as a spa, have been found. Among the many treatments available in this facility, one may try wine-therapy, which includes a wide range of treatments and cures based on the use of vine derivatives such as grapes, leaves and wine.


Immersed in the Conero Regional Park in the Ancona province, we find the Terme dell' Aspio, fed by four different sources: la Forte [the strong one], la Nuovo [the new one], la Santa Maria [Holy Mary], and la Regina [the Queen], which produce cold, salt-bromine-iodine water. These spas, which date back to Roman times, were mentioned by Plinius I in his "Naturalis Historia", already emphasizing the healing characteristics of their waters, a cure for every disease in the author's words.


Even the Terme di San Vittore delle Chiuse in Genga (AN) is in a breathtaking natural environment: la Gola di Frasassi [the Frasassi gorge], quietly traversed by the Sentino River is in the immediate vicinity of the homonymous Caves and the Romanesque Abbey of S. Vittore. Here, numerous archaeological findings dating back to prehistoric times were found, evidence that local dwellers used this source even before the Roman settlement. At the facility, you can enjoy multiple inhalation cures, as well as massage and beauty treatments.


Moving towards southern Marche, precisely in the province of Macerata, we encounter the Terme di Sarnano (MC), a spa and rehabilitation centre well-known for its waters which appear to be miraculous against overweight. The spa is located in the municipality of Sarnano, widely recognized as a health and treatment resort, as well as winter sports centre with numerous historical, artistic and, above all, spectacular natural features. On the other hand, the Terme di Santa Lucia, situated 3 km from Tolentino (MC) on a 450-meter hill, was opened in 1937 with a wonderful natural park area where, among its many amenities, a children playground can be found. This complex, in addition to regular care and beauty spa, operates as a clinic and rehabilitation centre


Before leaving the Fermo region, we should mention the Terme di Torre di Palme, located in the homonymous ancient medieval settlement that overlooks the nearby coast. The region contains a rich heritage of medieval monuments and boasts a wealth of Roman archaeological remains, as well as numerous monuments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The facility is especially renowned for its medium-mineralized water, so-called "Aqcua Palmense del Piceno", very light and suitable for digestion as well as cures.


Acquasanta, a pre-Roman settlement located along the Salaria, is only a few kilometres away from Ascoli Piceno, where there is the Terme di Acquasanta (AP), an ideal option for the treatment of rheumatic, skin, and respiratory tract diseases.


The healing powers of these sulphurous-salty-bromine-iodine waters were known to the ancient Romans, who undoubtedly took pleasure in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Indeed, the source wells up in a cave, where you can dive in a very special moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Spas and wellness centres
Throughout the Marche, in addition to traditional spa treatments with therapeutic properties, you can find astounding Beauty farms, surrounded by greenery and a stone's throw from artistic and historical points of interest. A sure bet to make your holiday a truly memorable experience!
Massages, face and body beauty treatments, solarium, gyms, indoor pools, and saunas are just some of highlights in the offerings of these health centres, which often specialize as well in food intolerance or weight issues, all treated with natural remedies. Quality of life and well-being come together and find their natural expression in these places, able to meet any need with a quality / price ratio among the best in Italy.


The spas and wellness centres of the Marche provide all-encompassing personal treatments, designed to help you attain physical, mental and emotional balance. In short, they are a unique opportunity for those willing to leave behind their hectic lifestyles for a few days with a view to regain clarity, vitality and relaxation.


In addition to the thermal baths/Spas, the lands of the Duke of Montefeltro host numerous beauty farms. Chief amongst them is the splendid La diligenza benessere in Borgo Pace (PU), a few kilometres away from Urbino, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. It is a magnificent structure of the nineteenth century, a veritable paradise for lovers of good living and exercise. In fact, La diligenza sits in a natural park where you can practice the "path vitae", with sixteen calisthenics stations. Furthermore, if you favour outdoor sports, next to the facility you will find the Golf Club Alpe della Luna, a centre suitable for the whole family, with facilities for children.


In summary, now as ever, the Marche offers ideal accommodation and relaxation spots, as the Grotta dai Folletti [cave of the goblins] in Mercatello sul Metauro (PU), an exclusive and elegant atmosphere, perfectly integrated in that widespread well-being feeling that every aspect of these sites conveys to locals and visitors. The site presents a truly special structure, built entirely of wood and glass to produce a unique and unrivalled relaxation atmosphere.


On the other hand, Terrazza Marconi in Senigallia (AN) offers a different sort of relaxation. Located just steps away from the sea and the centre of nightlife, it provides a moment of relaxation after a disco evening and a beach party. In fact, its Spa Marine and Beauty holds a secret and quiet garden inside an entertainment area.


For nature-lovers considering Ancona as a holiday option, Poggio Antico in Montesanvito (AN) is a small corner of paradise for lovers seeking tranquillity and privacy. The spa, with an original and attractive design, allows guests to enjoy treatments and experiences in search of total psycho-physical well-being.


San Settimio, a farm spa in Arcevia (AN), offers a romantic and quiet atmosphere in its beautiful 400-hectare estate. The complex consists of renovated farmhouses, full of a pristine, antique charm.


Borgo Lanciano, named after the homonymous medieval centre, is another wonderful spa in the heart of the Marche, surrounded by parkland and framed by rolling green hills, by the Castello di Lanciano and the impressive Sibillini Mountains. Its architecture is the result of careful and balanced restoration of old farmhouses, which has allowed the preservation of a dwelling type commonly found in the inland Marches, without distorting the landscape. A series of buildings, characterized by a predominantly horizontal development, appear to the visitor as a "widespread hotel", usually a synonymous with privacy and tranquillity.


Porto Potenza Picena, still in the province of Macerata, is home to a unique farmhouse: L'Antico Uliveto [the old olive grove], occupying a villa built in the late nineteenth century which belonged to the Bocci family, nobles of Spello. Today, after thorough restructuring, this complex of great historical and artistic value has been recovered to offer splendid views to the sea and opposite towards the lush green forest, gardens, fountains, and ancient olive groves. Within the estate, where excellent local wine and gastronomy are available, there is an original and sumptuous Spa offering oriental massages and particularly, the Amazon massage, unique in The Marche.


In the Fermano area, Villa Lattanzi is an elegant facility that stands in an elevated, panoramic position over the Adriatic coast at Torre di Palme (FM). A long and careful restoration work has returned to its former glory this eighteenth century dwelling, operating today as a 5-star pearl of hospitality. The facility is designed with the utmost care to ensure its visitors enjoy the relaxing wellness centre in close contact with nature, through a beautiful forest that stretches for 35,000 square meters near a medieval town.


Without leaving the Fermo province, in Montegiorgio, we find the futuristic Q-bo Wellness, a modern and innovative multi-purpose centre dedicated to health and well-being. The complex extends over an area of 5,000 square meters surrounded by lush green hills. Its position is ideal to reach Fermano's main places of artistic and cultural interest and enjoy the beauty of the landscape around them. Immersing in the world of Q-bo is a unique experience for those who want to test the salubrious effects of the salt cave, an essential wellness treasure that utilizes the active ingredients of white-gold for a fully beneficial, detoxifying and draining action.


Yoga retreats and spiritual wellness.
If attaining total wellness requires true peace of mind, then the Eastern disciplines can help you find the right mind-body balance, nourishing them in full. The larger towns in the Marche region offer the customary treatments, which now are part of "living well" contemporary culture.


Yoga, definitely the most practiced one, needs to be part of any relaxing holiday, if only to honour the motto "love, respect, and be grateful for your life". In the Marche region, one of the most active Yoga centres is that of Montefiore dell'Aso (AP), a pleasant place near the medieval town, where to unwind and meditate as your view wanders over the hills of the Marche.


Also in southern Marche, in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), the Associazione Culturale - Umanitaria Libertà e Amore [cultural- humanitarian association - freedom and love] organizes a yoga gathering each Easter holiday, open to all to live their spirituality and intensity of experiences through this ancient practice, an essential instrument for inner enrichment.


Concentration techniques, breathing and meditation are also typical of Tai Chi, an ancient Eastern discipline. While China gathers as many as 34,000 practitioners together, the Marche region forms small private groups connected to a few centres, particularly in the area of Pesaro-Urbino and in the regional capital, Ancona. These courses are often held outdoors and in places other than gyms, where visitors can even participate and enjoy this special moment of relaxation.


The people of the Marche region practices many sports and Eastern disciplines thanks to the presence of the Hung Sing Kung Fu Academy, founded in 1998, and one of the most important Italian Tai Chi schools of the Yang and Choy Li Fu family. This kind of activity is particularly suitable for those aiming to shake off all the accumulated stress while seeking the perfect attunement with their bodies through fluid and essential movements.



Useful Information:

Thermal Centres / Spas

Terme di Raffaello
Petranio (PU)
Main phone: +39 0722 355111
E-mail: info@termediraffaello.it
Website: www.termediraffaello.it
Opening period: April to November


Terme di Carignano
Carignano (PU)
Phone: +39 0721 885128
E-mail: termedicarignano@iol.it
Website: www.termedicarignano.it
Opening period: May to October


Pitinum Thermae
Macerata Feltria (MC)
Phone: +39 0722 728080
E-mail: comunicazione@pitinumthermae.com
Website: www.pitinumthermae.com
Opening period: April to December


Terme di Montegrimano
Montigramo Terme (PU)
Phone +39 0541 / 972128
E-mail: info@montegrimanoterme.it
Website: www.montegrimanoterme.it
Opening period: June to October


Terme dell’ Aspio
Aspio Terme, Camerano (AN)
Phone: +39 071 95691
E- mail: info@termeaspio.it
Website: www.termeaspio.it
Opening period: June to October


Terme di San Vittore delle Chiuse
Genga (AN)
Phone: +39 90 445 0732
E-mail: info@termegenga.it
Website: www.termesanvittore.it
Closing period: public holidays only.


Terme di Sarnano
Sarnano (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 657274
E-mail: info@termedisarnano.it
Website: www.termedisarnano.it
Opening period: April to December


Terme di Santa Lucia
Tolentino (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 968227
E-mail: info@termesantalucia.it
Website: www.termesantalucia.it
Opening period: April to December


Terme di Torre di Palme
Torre di Palme (FM)
Phone: +39 53 106 0734
Website: www.torredipalme.it
Terme di Acquasanta


Acquasanta Terme(AP)
Phone: +39 0736 801268
E-mail: info@termeacquasanta.it
Website: www.termeacquasanta.it
Opening period: May to November


Spas and wellness centres

La Diligenza Beauty Centre Borgo Pace (PU)
Tel +39 89 124 0722
E-mail: info@centrobebladiligenza.it
Website: www.centrobebladiligenza.it


La Grotta dei Folletti [the cave of the goblins]
Mercatello sul Metauro (PU)
Phone: +39 0722 89120
E-mail: info@lagrottadeifolletti.it
Website: www.lagrottadeifolletti.it


Poggio Antico
Monte San Vito (AN)
Phone: +39 071 740072
E-mail: info@poggio-antico.com
Website: www.poggio-antico.com


Terrazza Marconi
Senigallia (AN)
Phone: +39 071 7927988
E-mail: booking@terrazzamarconi.it
Website: www.terrrazzamarconi.it


Tenuta San Settimio
Phone: +39 0731 9905
E-mail: info@sansettimio.it
Website: www.sansettimio.it


Borgo Lanciano
Loc. Lanciano, Castelraimondo (MC)
Phone: +39 0737 642844
E-mail: info@borgolanciano.it
Website: www.borgolanciano.it


L’Antico Uliveto [the old olive grove]
Porto Potenza Picena (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 880 752
E-mail: info@anticouliveto.com
Website: www.anticouliveto.com


Villa Lattanzi
Torre di Palme (FM)
Phone: +39 53 711 0734
E- mail info@villalattanzi.it
Website: www.villalattanzi.it


Q-Bo Wellness
Montegiorgio (FM)
Phone +39 0734 252359
E-mail: info@q-bowellness.it
Website: www.q-bowellness.it


To regenerate the body and spirit


Yoga Italia
Montefiore dell'Aso (AP)
Phone: +39 348 8400459
E-mail: fabio@angeli-di-montefiore.de
Website: www.yogaitalia.de


Ass. Culturale E Umanitaria Libertà E Amore [cultural-humanistic association: freedom and love]
San Benedetto Del Tronto (AP)
Phone: +39 3884769170


Taiji Quan & Choy Li Fut
Phone: +39 338 4904630
E-mail: hung70(at)libero.it


Marche Tourism
Via Gentile da Fabriano, 9 60125 Ancona, ITALY
Tel.+39 071 8062316-8062410 Fax +39 0718062318
e-mail: comunicazione.turismo@regione.marche.it
Web: www.turismo.marche.it
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marche.tourism
Twitter: @MarcheTourism
Issu: issuu.com/turismomarche
Flick: www.flickr.com/photos/turismomarche

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