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The Marche region in blue

The sea, rivers, lakes and typical products: the region in blue

The Marche, a region of many faces and many colours: the yellow of sunflower fields, the green of hills and natural parks, the redness of traditions, folklore and culture and, finally, blue, the intense colour of the sea, lakes and rivers and all the events dedicated to this natural resource, are among the excellences of this wonderfully preserved land.


The sea and marinas. 180 kilometres of coastline, 26 towns that overlook the Adriatic Sea, the maritime port and marinas of Ancona: this is the maritime nature of the Marche, which has always been a crossroads of trade with the Balkan coast and Mediterranean countries.
It is possible to dock at nine marinas on the Marche coast. These ports are distributed throughout the region. In the province of Pesaro and Urbino, they are located in Gabicce Mare, Pesaro and Fano; in the province of Ancona they are located in Senigallia, Ancona and Numana; in the province of Macerata they are located in Civitanova Marche; in the province of Fermo they are located in Porto San Giorgio, and finally, in the province of Ascoli Piceno they are located in San Benedetto del Tronto. The total capacity is about 5,000 moorings.


In this region, you can choose from beaches of fine sand, gravel or rock with cliffs or palm trees. There is the Riviera delle colline, with the large beaches of Gabicce Mare, Pesaro, Fano and Marotta di Mondolfo; the coast of Ancona, between Senigallia, the velvet beach, and the coat of the Conero, with Portonovo, Sirolo and Numana; the coast of Macerata, with the green pine forests of Porto Recanati, Porto Potenza Picena and the busy port of Civitanova Marche; the coast of piceno, which includes Porto Sant’Elpidio, Lido di Fermo, Porto San Giorgio and Pedaso, or the exotic Riviera delle Palme, including Cupra Marittima, Grottammare and San Benedetto del Tronto with its 7,000 palm trees. Between Gabicce Mare and Pesaro there is a charming panoramic road of approximately 20 kilometres that crosses through or brushes against picturesque fishing villages, overlooking the blue Adriatic sea, that are part of the Regional Park of Monte San Bartolo. The Regional Park of Monte Conero, which is reflected on the sea offering a spectacle of rare beauty, starts south of Ancona. In some sections, the Conero coast, with its alternation of bays, steep rocky walls and sheltered beaches such as that of the "Two Sisters", two large rocky spurs sprouting from the water, takes on chromatic shades that are unusually subtle. A special feature of The Marche is that the high
, strategically scattered like balconies along the coastline, can be easily reached from the sea. These high cities are the old strategic centres from which the “marine” centres emerged.


In fact, to confirm the territorial tradition with enviable beaches and sea, The Marche region has 16 Blue flags, second only to Liguria. The beaches and marinas, where you can enjoy a sporty and energetic vacation with a variety of sports activities including windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, swimming and beach volleyball, are promoted at European level.


The Lakes of The Marche.
The region has implemented a local management policy for the numerous costal resorts that aims at environmental sustainability as well as numerous projects for the protection of the landscape. These projects are also reflected on the rivers and lakes surrounded by the green colour of the parks and natural reserves.

Pilato Lake, located on the Monte Vettore massif in the National Park of Monti Sibillini near Montemonaco, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, is a well-known lake linked to the Legend of Sybil, who once lived here. This body of water is known as and often called "the lake with glasses" because of the shape of its complementary and interconnected reservoirs during heavier participation periods. Always in the area of Ascoli, the Talvacchia Lake (AP) is an artificial lake formed by the dam built along the course of the Castellano stream. The dam was built in 1960 and is 78 meters high. Its size makes it one of the largest in the region and represents the border which crosses the median of the lake, dividing The Marche and Abruzzi regions. The reservoir is full of water during the spring and almost completely empty during the autumn. When it is almost completely empty, old houses and bridges, which are normally immerged in the water, can be seen. The Gerosa Lake (AP) is also a tourist destination and is particularly suitable for those who love fishing. This basin, bordering the National Park of Monti Sibillini, also has small beaches on the shore that you can easily reach and where you can relax in the shade of the pine trees surrounding it.


In the province of Macerata, the Le Grazie a Tolentino Lake (MC) is an artificial basin obtained by the damming of the Chienti river, and is frequented by fishing enthusiasts and tourists who run through the bike trails on mountain bikes all year round. The Fiastra Lake (MC) is also found in this much loved area. This lake is in the heart of the Sibillini National Park, which has received three sails in the 2011 edition of the Legambiente and Touring Club Blue Guide dedicated to rivers and lakes. The crystal clear and very clean water is also a characteristic of Cingoli Lake (MC), which wedges itself between the hills to form three long ramifications. In recent years, it has increasingly become a popular tourist destination. Many holiday farms and bars can be found on the shores and the lake can also be navigated with pedal boats.


Moving up north, the Furlo Lake is spectacularly beautiful. It is surrounded by the greenery of the Furlo Gorge National Park, a breath-taking paradise for those who want to relax or play sports in a landscape of rocks and mountains with unique natural conformations.

The Mercatale Lake (PU) is also located in the province of Ascoli-Piceno, halfway between the village of Mercatale and the capital city of Sassocorvaro. Besides being a natural beauty, this dam has a predominant role for the entire valley since it provides water to all the neighbouring villages. You can spend a day on the shores of this lake in contact with nature. There are also amenities, eateries and centres for rowers and fishermen. Canoeing and fishing competitions are also organized throughout the year.


The pleasantness of a place is not just about water quality, but about many other factors such as, among other things, the quality of accommodation, the presence of a beautiful historical centre, a good selection of food and wine and the proximity with historical and artistic centres. The lakes in The Marche region fulfil all of these aspects.


Rivers in The Marche.
The torrential rivers have a typical parallel movement that form a structure of valleys that is often defined as a “comb-shaped structure”. The rivers usually start in the Apennine Mountains that boarder Umbria.


The Marche valleys are crossed by rivers that over the centuries have created fascinating natural conformations changing the surrounding area, the most spectacular are the Furlo Gorge, the Frasassi Gorge and the Red Gorge, a destination for tourists fascinated by the nature. Naturally, the course of these rivers has been diverted and buried for housing needs. However, the Marche region has implemented inevitable urban planning operations that aim at preserving the environment as much as possible. The centre of some of the largest cities in The Marche is crossed by the course of rivers. Pesaro stands near the mouth of the Foglia river; the Misa river, before going into the sea, crosses Senigallia; the centre of Ascoli Piceno is surrounded by two courses: the Tronto and Castellano, and some river mouths have been used to create channel ports (Pesaro, Fano and Senigallia). This has helped create poetic urban landscapes, and the rivers make for pleasant trails that cross through the historical centres.


If the rivers of The Marche, which are present in the city centres, are seen for their most worldly aspect, in the inland areas water sports enthusiasts visit them. Canoeing, kayaking and exploration of the riverbed are the most popular activities, and of course The Marche are specially equipped for these new requirements.

Throughout the region, there are centres that offer these activities together with environmental monitoring and water analysis activities. Among these centres, the Marcheexplorer canoe club is the most active throughout the territory and offers courses for beginners as well as for experts who want to experience the thrill of exploratory canoeing.
These centres, which are scattered throughout The Marche, organize events and meetings to visit the places near the rivers and enjoy a day in contact with nature.


Festivals and events dedicated to the sea.
This region overlooking the Adriatic Sea could not be without festivals, events and museums dedicated to the sea, water and fish.
First and foremost is the well-known Anghiò, Oily Fish Festival, held every year in the month of June in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). The event aims to confirm and enhance the properties of oily fish, which is a certified excellence at the European level, as well as the importance of the fishing industry for the city. In fact, San Benedetto is the second largest port in Italy for the quantity of fish caught and the number of boats used. Moreover, more recently a thriving fish preservation business has been developed together with the fishing and commercial activities. Today, fishing remains the leading activity for the urban economy together with tourism. Anghiò (anghiò, in the local dialect of San Benedetto del Tronto, means anchovy), with its numerous activities and tastings, aims to promote and enhance this important tradition that involves not only the town of San Benedetto del Tronto, but the entire Marche region.

An event that is entirely dedicated to the sea is held in the month of June in Civitanova Marche. This is the traditional Sea Festival and is an occasion for tasting the typical products of the Adriatic Sea that are cooked according to traditional recipes. There is an event with the same name but with different characteristics held in the month of July in Porto San Giorgio. This Sea Festival is famous for the giant Adriatic Sea paella, and has become an unmissable event on the coast.

Festivals that celebrate fish are scattered throughout the region and are mainly held between June and September. Events that cannot be missed include the Fish Festival held in Porto Recanati (MC) and in Senigallia (AN) in June, Tuttopesce held in Marotta (PS) and the Port Feast held in Pesaro. Whereas, the Fish Festival held during the month of August in Marina di Montemarciano (AN) has become a fixed appointment for eating fried fish. Furthermore, festivals dedicated to one type of fish include the Shrimp festival in Esanatoglia (MC), the Trout festival in Muccia (MC), the Clam festival in Porto Potenza Picena and the mussel festival in Pedaso (AP), which are all held during the month of August.


Museums dedicated to the sea.
The Marche is a region that is profoundly linked to the sea and the arts and crafts that deri
ve from it. This is why museums dedicated to the sea are widespread throughout the region. San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), a city on the Adriatic coast, could not but have the Polo Museale del mare (a fish museum, amphora museum and Marche maritime culture
museum). This museum, which is unique in the region and among the few existing in Italy, is divided into three sections and provides a fascinating journey through memories, traditions and the culture of the sea, where visitors can discover, first-hand, how a ship was built, what life at sea was like, the rites used in order to propitiate a good relationship with marine elements, hear sounds of the sea, and view old photos and reconstructions of ancient maritime environment and life.

The Malacologico Piceno Museum in Cupramarittima (AP), located in the south of the region, is mainly dedicated to the sea. In fact, 730,000 examples of shells can be seen up close, and the museum has a rich programme of temporary exhibits with original and creative ideas that are often dedicated to the sea.

Towards the north, the Washington Patrignani_Pesaro Maritime Museum in Pesaro tells the story of the city’s port from the origins to present day, and the culture of “seafarers” by giving valuable information to discover the original character of seafaring Pesaro with its customs and traditions, which have survived up to present day.


Useful information

Vallugola Marina Bay
Gabicce Mare (PU)
Telephone number: +39 0541 967918
E-mail: vallugola@gmail.com
Website: www.vallugola.com


Pesaro Marina
Pesaro (PU)
Telephone number: +39 0721 33420
E-mail: pesaro@guardiacostiera.it
Website: www.pesaro.guardiacostiera.it


Cesari Marina
Fano (PU)
Telephone number: +39 0721 801329
E-mail: fano@guardiacostiera.it
Website: www.guardiacostiera.it/fano


Senigallia Marina
Senigallia (AN)
Telephone number: +39 071 64780
E-mail: senigallia(at)guardiacostiera.it


Ancona Marina
Ancona (AN)
Telephone number: +39 071 227581
E-mail: ancona@guardiacostiera.it
Website: www.guardiacostiera.it/ancona


Numana Marina
Numana (AN)
Telephone number: +39 071 7360377
E-mail: numana(at)guardiacostiera.it


Civitanova Marche Marina
Civitanova Marche (MC)
Telpehone number: +39 0733 810395


Porto San Giorgio Marina
Porto San Giorgio (FM)
Telephone number: +39 0734 676304
E-mail: portosangiorgio(at)guardiacostiera.it


Tiziano Marina in San Benedetto del Tronto
San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Telephone number: +39 0735 586711
E-mail: sanbenedettodeltronto@guardiacostiera.it


Lakes and Rivers

Furlo Lake
Furlo Gorge Natural Reserve
Pesaro (PU)
Telephone number: +39 0721 700041
E-mail: riservafurlo@provincia.ps.it
Website: www.riservagoladelfurlo.it


Cingoli Lake
Cingoli (MC)
Telephone number: +39 0733 601911
Website: www.comune.cingoli.mc.it
Mercatale Lake Sassocorvaro (PU) Telephone number: +39 0722 769011 E-mail:comune.sassocorvaro@provincia.ps.it Website: www.comune.sassocorvaro.pu.it


Le Grazie Lake
Tolentino (MC)
Telephone number: +39 0 733 9011
Website: www.comune.tolentino.mc.it


Fiastra Lake
Fiastra (AP)
Telephone number: +39 333.8358.195
Website: www.lagodifiastra.it


Gerosa Lake
Gerosa (AP)
Monti Sibillini National Park
Telephone number: +39 0737 972711
E-mail: parco@sibillini.net
Website: www.sibillini.net


Pilato Lake
Montemonaco (AP)
Monti Sibillini National Park
Telephone number: +39 0737 972711
E-mail: parco@sibillini.net
Website: www.sibillini.net


Marcheexplorer Canoeing Club
E-mail: fabiov@marcheonline.net


For festivals and events dedicated to the sea:

Tuttopesce, Marotta (PU): www.comune.mondolfo.pu.it
Port Feast, Pesaro (PU): www.comune.pesaro.pu.it
Fish festival, Senigallia (AN): www.comune.senigallia.an.it
Fish festival, Marina di Montemarciano (AN):
Sea feast, Porto San Giorgio (FM): www.comune.portosangiorgio.fm.it
Sea feast, Civitanova Marche (MC) : www.comune.civitanovamarche.mc.it
Fish festival, Porto Recanati (MC): www.portorecanati.mc.it
Shrimp festival, Esanatoglia (MC): www.comune.esanatoglia.mc.it
Trout festival, Muccia (MC): www.comune.muccia.mc.it
Clam festival, Porto Potenza Picena (AP): www.comune.potenza-picena.mc.it
Mussel festival,
Pedaso (AP): www.comunedipedaso.it

Anghiò, Oily fish festival
San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Telephone number: 0735/702394
Website: www.anghio.it

Maritime culture and history museums:

Washington Patrignani_Pesaro Maritime Museum
Telephone number: +39 0721 35588
E-mail: museomarineria@comune.pesaro.ps.it
Website: www.provincia.pu.it/attivita-culturali/musei/museo-del-mare-pesaro/


Polo Museale del Mare
San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Telephone number: 0735 592177
E-mail: info@museodelleanfore.it
Website: www.museodelleanfore.it


Malacologico Piceno Museum
Cupra Marittima (AP)
Telephone number: +39 0735 777550
E-mail: malacologia@fastnet.it
Website: www.malacologia.com


Marche Tourism
Via Gentile da Fabriano, 9 - 60125 Ancona, Italy
Tel. +39 071 8062316- 8062410 Fax +39 071 8062318
e-mail: comunicazione.turismo@regione.marche.it
Web: www.turismo.marche.it
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marche.tourism
Twitter: @MarcheTourism
Issu: issuu.com/turismomarche
Flick: www.flickr.com/photos/turismomarche

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