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Thermal Baths and Wellness

To regenerate body and soul

The land of The Marche is by definition and because of its natural conformation an authentic land that conveys quietness and serenity. It is therefore the ideal place to meet up with friends and find one‟s own physical and spiritual balance. The new frontiers of wellness, based on muds and waters with its recognized healing properties, find their natural expression in the Marche. Beauty farms, thermal baths, highly qualified centres with solarium, gyms, whirlpools, pools, saunas as well as locations specialised in nutrition and food intolerances allow for the satisfaction of every type of request and help to regain that sense of healthy well being in The Marche, an important result of psychological and physical harmony.


There is a wide range of choice: there are many thermal bath locations spread out over the entire territory. The water that is pure and clear, or muddy, boiling hot, rich with precious mineral substances is the undisputed main element of each treatment.


The power of the medicinal waters at the Terme di Acquasanta, pre-Roman settlement located along the Salaria, a short distance from Ascoli Piceno, was already known to the ancient Romans. The beneficial sulphurous-saline-bromine-iodic waters create and supply a pool located in a natural grotto, creating a very suggestive environment and transforming every moment into a unique and regenerating experience. The location is equipped with state of the art equipment and treatments both for mud and steam baths and for the treatment of various pathologies.


The Terme dell’ Aspio, instead are located on the inland of the Regional Park of Cònero, with its saline-bromine-iodic cold waters that come from four different sources: Forte, Nuovo, Santa Maria and Regina. The importance and therapeutic virtues of these waters derive from the presence of various mineral salts and from their overall characteristics.


Still in the province of Ancona are the Terme di San Vittore delle Chiuse, located at the bottom of the enchanting Frasassi Gorge, crossed by the Sentino river and in the immediate vicinity of the Caves bearing the same name and the romantic S. Vittore Abbey. It is possible to carry out different types of therapy at the establishment, from mud baths to other baths, from the humages to the nebulisations, as well as massages and aesthetic treatments.


In Fano, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, there are the Terme di Carignano in a gorgeous nature park with secular and resinous trees that render the air balsamic and healthy, within the luxuriant hillsides between Pesaro and Fano. Still in the province of Pesaro Urbino are the Pitinum Thermae, in Macerata Feltria, a modern complex with thermal therapies which are ideal for prevention, therapy and rehabilitation. The draining, anti-stress and oriental massages are worth trying, the same are performed by qualified professionals having able and knowledgeable hands. Furthermore, in order to complete the wellness program it is possible to request consults with doctors specialised in various specific areas and gymnastic programs to achieve the complete recovery of the physical condition lost.


The Terme di Montegrimano date back to very ancient times, proof of this is the presence of collection tanks and other building structures dating back to the Roman period discovered in the vicinity of the thermal bath area. Wine therapy is one of the many therapies offered by this establishment, which includes a wide range of treatments and therapies which are based on using derivatives from the vine, such as grapes, leaves and wine.


In Petranio the sulphurous-saline-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy waters of the Terme di Raffaello, one of a kind worldwide for the high level of mineral concentration, they are miraculous and effective; the presence of thermal baths, at differentiated temperatures, of whirlpools and waterplay complete the program, ensuring a break aimed at relaxation and well being.


In the province of Macerata there are the Terme di Sarnano, renowned for the quality and applications of the waters, among which the bicarbonate-calcic low mineral content water of San Giacomo, the sulphurous-salty water of Terro and the bicarbonate-calcic water of Tre Santi; the Terme Santa Lucia, 3 km from Tolentino, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, on a hillside, close to a thick centuries old forest in a large park which also has an area equipped for children. Lastly, in Fermo are the Terme di Torre di Palme, known for its bicarbonate-alkaline, easily digestible water thanks to its lightness.


The success of the ten thermal bath establishments in The Marche region, other than the certified ownership and quality of the waters and the wide range of choice of treatments and therapies, is also due to the ability of bringing people close to nature, favouring a healthy way of living, which today represents an always more needed and shared necessity.


A trip to The Marche is, therefore, also a trip to wellness, which means to feel good, live well, and pay attention to the quality of life. It is not a coincidence that there are also numerous centres and outpatient clinics, for rehabilitation, physical therapy and Sports Medicine, as well as a wide range of sports and cultural activities and spaces specifically equipped and reserved for children.

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